About me

So my actual name is Julia-Camilla but they call me Julia. I'm 23 years old student in Turku university of applied sciences. I study business at the Business academy, where I belong in cooperative Visioona. I started there in 2017 and the education is planned to take 3 and half years, so in near future I'm going to graduate as Bachelor of Business Administration. 

I graduated from high school in spring 2016. After that I spent 3 months in United States as an au pair. 

I've always worked hard and in many jobs (sometimes even at the same time in few places) from age of 15. 

Few of the recent places I´ve worked at are  Hesburger, K-Supermarket, Hirvensalo ski center and Name It. My current jobs are at Name It and IKEA. 

I'm always up for new challenges and ready to conquer them. I'm fast learner and I never quit before I've learned. At least for the 93% of the time. Some of my ideas are pretty stupid and hard so don't judge me, at least I try.

I'm creative and I love to practice it in everything I do. 

My personality is very outgoing and friendly that's why I think I might have some good social skills.

I always get along with everybody and everybody gets along with me.

I am pretty competitive and I tend to laugh a lot. Well that's what I've heard.

I won't tell you everything so you have something to figure out by yourself. Just kidding that's about it. 

How about the free time of mine? 


Well my passion is extreme sports and I am always trying or learning something new.  I have always thought that: "You are never ready. There is always something to learn or something where you can develop yourself on." Some may think that saying "You are never ready" is exhausting or kind of depressing but I see that as an opportunity and it makes me feel limitless. Not because I wouldn't have my own limits on somethings but because of those limits I have lot of limitless opportunities to choose from to go another way around of those limits.

My absolute favorite hobbies are skiing, sailing, ski cross, snowboarding, telemark and mountain biking.  Also I love hiking and camping, because the nature has always been close to my heart and going to the nature is one of the best ways for me to relax and clear my head. 

I'm former SM-level alpineskier and because of that I have always been very sporty and for that reason sports will always remain important part of my life.

At my free time I also lead little sea scout group of 7 year old boys at Henrik's boys of Kupittaa (Partio lippukunta Kupittaan Henrikin pojat) 

I have belonged to sea scouts since a little girl and I really think based on the life skills and values I have learned there, that everyone should try being a scout.

If you want your children grow up to be someone who is independent, great team worker who thinks first others over themselves, who values the nature, who shares, cares and gives and to someone who never takes comfort, money and food for granted, then you should put your children to the scouts and on top of the above they will get some life long friends who also shares the same skills and values. 

Sounds good right? Well yes I am most definitely your dream student, friend, employee, co worker and leader. Ok maybe not dream but I think you will most definitely like me. And If you like what you read and see here and you would want me to be part of your team, contact me and we will talk.